Wholesale Heritage Furniture has employed the services of Grainmaster French Polishing for the past 16 years.

We have found Boris to be very reliable, efficient and professional.

The majority of our sales are timber based products as we import raw mahogany timber frames for our French Provincial and Antique Reproduction furniture items. Grainmaster offer the service of colour matching. This has proven to be a very valuable tool for our business in relation to our Antique Reproduction furniture. Customers have antique dining tables still in good condition but too often their chairs have to be replaced and colour matched to the table.

Grainmaster specialise in the refurnishing of furniture. A dining setting has been completely updated by stripping a polished dining setting and painting the setting in Antique White paint with aging.

Grainmaster also offer the service of polyurethane, making it possible to add a unique piece of furniture to a ‘wet area’.

We would recommend Grainmaster for French Polishing, refurnishing, painting and aging of furniture.  


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