HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year!

We know that the festive season can be a bit chaotic, and with all the celebrations, damage and wear-and-tear can occur on your furniture. To start off this year, we have fixed up a beloved coffee table that has seen perhaps one too many parties in its life.

It came to us looking like this:

The gloss and finish had all been work away, and the coffee cup and wine glass marks were all that remained. What this table needed was a lot of tender love and care - which was exaclty what we gave it!

This party-goer scrubbed up alright! We sanded down all the damage, and applied stain and gloss to it, making it shine like it's brand new! Not the way we managed to really highlight the light grain of the timber top - I bet you didn't even notice it before it's make over!

So next time that you think that your furniture has an after-party hangover, Grainmaster is the number to call to give it a once over!


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