Our year started off with bang, and we have been flat out working on all your furniture wants and needs.

We have had many pieces come through our doors this year, but one that is definitely our personal favourite, is this particularly unique and beautiful coffee table:


But before it looked like that, it looked like this:

Little more than the bottom half of a felled tree, we had quite the task to make it into the beauty it became. Doing a traditional french polish, we had to make sure that every nook and every crannie was polished to perfectiong before we could be happy with it. And being solid pieces of a tree, there were lots and lots of nooks and crannies to perfect! It was quite the task!



But we turned this piece from just a treestump in the woods, to a family heirloom to be passed on for years and years to come:


And a view of the top for your pleasure!


So if you have any spare pieces of timber lying around, or a felled tree you think would look good in your loungeroom, give Grainmaster French Polishing a call, and we can help turn your scrap-timber into pieces your family will love for generations to come!


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