Our year started off with bang, and we have been flat out working on all your furniture wants and needs.

We have had many pieces come through our doors this year, but one that is definitely our personal favourite, is this particularly unique and beautiful coffee table:


But before it looked like that, it looked like this:

Little more than the bottom half of a felled tree, we had quite the task to make it into the beauty it became. Doing a traditional french polish, we had to make sure that every nook and every crannie was polished to perfectiong before we could be happy with it. And being solid pieces of a tree, there were lots and lots of nooks and crannies to perfect! It was quite the task!



But we turned this piece from just a treestump in the woods, to a family heirloom to be passed on for years and years to come:


And a view of the top for your pleasure!


So if you have any spare pieces of timber lying around, or a felled tree you think would look good in your loungeroom, give Grainmaster French Polishing a call, and we can help turn your scrap-timber into pieces your family will love for generations to come!


Have you ever seen a table with gold highlights? Well, here at Grainmaster we can show you, and let me tell you, it's gorgeous. We have been up to a lot lately, and here is just one of our many projects.

A returning and long time friend of Grainmaster, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Sydney, gave us a lovely table that was a little worse for wear. Here you can see the marks and scratches on the top, and the faded gold detailing on the legs.


But once Grainmaster gave this piece a makeover, it was looking as good as gold! Look at the sheen!


Here is the revitalised gold detailed highlight!


And here it is in situ!

For any clients who want a bit of elegance in their room, Grainmaster is the place for you!



We've been super busy at Grainmaster so far this year! With so much going on, we thought we'd give you a little snippet of what we've been up to.

Today we have one of our major pieces that we've been working on for the last few months. Made for a returning customer, this bedroom looks simply fabulous! The deep blue and caramel timber contrast amazingly well.

Here is a close up of the upholstery work:

A bed-head fit for an Emperor!


This master suite has truly come up a treat!

So if you have a bedroom that is really sucking, come to us and we'll give it some loving!


We've been doing lots at Grainmaster over the last couple of months, and today we have one of the most crazy transformations to show you!

When this bedroom set came to us, it was in a sorry state. Sun worn, faded, dented and cracked, the situation looked pretty dire. Without any love for over twenty years, it was hard to see what a beautiful piece hid under it's sun bleached facade.

After much love, it became this:

A true ugly duckling!

So if you have your own ugly duckling that you want to turn into a swan, give us a call at Grainmaster, and we'll make you're pieces soar!


WLECOME TO THE JUNGLE! Ready for a walk on the wild side? Grainmaster knows how you feel!

Today we have a quick update to show you some of our newest creations. These chairs are fit for the Kings and Queens of the jungle (no, wait, definitely for the Queens), and perfect for any Tarzan-themed room. They are destined to be the roaring centrepieces of any place they are put. You'd have to be barking mad to not love them!


They may look like monkey business, but they are perfect for any wild man or woman!

So if you feel like your house needs some rumble in the jungle, or if you want to reconnect to the wild in you, give Grainmnaster a call, and we'll give you what you need!


Last week we were fortunate enough to work on a beautiful piece of antique furniture for one of our oldest returning customers. A traditional, vintage writing desk was in need of some love, and we at Grainmaster were happy to give it!

Fortunately the piece had been kept in a good condition. But, like people, furniture ages, and what was once a beautiful outer varnish becomes a tired and musty layer of old work. Luckily for the client, however, the piece was not just savageable, but had all the makings of a true work of furniture-art, becoming a centrepiece of the room it graces.

Here is what it looked like before we gave it some love:

Here it is just after final spraying:


And finally, here it is In Situ:

A beautiful piece that will be admired for generations to come!

So come to Grainmaster, we'll sort out your disasters!


Here at Grainmaster we're so good that people are dying to have us work on their pieces!

Today we have a mish-mash of things to show you. We've been hard at work to deliver the best and the most interesting pieces to you all over the last month, and today we proudly present some of that here!

First up is a coffin. A bit of an avant garde piece, it'll certainly be a talking point for firends and family alike. Done in a lovely citrus green, it can make even the gloomiest of days into a joyous time!



Second up we have a lovely little sewing table. Restored from ruin, it is a very pretty little centrepiece for any room in the house. Perfect as a desk, ornamentation table, or even as a traditional sewing table, it is an interesting and strong little piece perfect for you!


So if you have any piece that needs some love, come to Grainmaster for services seen above! We are open to doing the strange and the wacky, as well as the traditional for you, so give us a ring ot see what's the go!


Ever wanted to look cooler than Ice? Well today you can!

Color your house in the most glorious of shades: White!

Always a classic color, and never out of fashion, white is perfect for any room of the house, and at Grainmaster, we can make your place look like a palace!

So without further ado, we have the pristine hue on show for you!

Today we have drawing room set. Done in a beautiful off-white color, it is both striking and classic.



Note the aged look we have given this chair. White is one of the most customisable colors. From this aged look, to a shiny new and high-gloss finish, we are able to turn it into anything you desire.

So if you want furniture that looks good under any light, come to Grainmaster for some white!


After a relaxing Easter break, Grainmaster is back and ready to give you the best furniture in Sydney!

This week we are here to show you something a little old-school. When one of our clients came to us asking for a restoration of her old meat-safe, there was only one way to go: A traditional French Polish. Earthy and rustic, but pristine and formal, the French polish is the best way to show off the beauty of the timber and turn your house into an interactive art-gallery.

Here are what it looked like before:

The frame around the mesh was scratched and dented, the legs weremarked with kick and bump marks, and the top ... well the top was pretty bad. Worn and tired, it needed a lot of love to get it looking spick and span.

So what did we do? First off, we unhinged it (no, not like that). We took the door off and all other, non-timber materials so we could focus just on the pure wood:

We then set to work. Using the antique art-form of French Polishing, we patched up, re-did and restored the piece to a pristine and beautiful finish.

We first rubbed out the scuff marks, re-filled the holes and sanded it down until it was raw and smooth, before giving it a beautiful warm, and all-natural, coating of shellac. Made from resin of the lac bug, it is a beautiful and rustic way of finishing any timber product (it also smells pretty nice). To seal it off, we used a heavy duty wax that is durable and low-maintenance to protect it from harm.

Here is the end product:

Overall, it came up beautifully.

So if you have a piece that is a bit rough, ring us at Grainmaster for a bit of a buff!



We here at Grainmaster French Polishing wish you all a very safe and happy Easter!

The celebration period is often chaotic and messy. Between having people over, and the cooking and cleaning, things get scratched and bruised. Grainmaster is the ultimate holiday-mishap furniture restorer, so give us a ring and we'll sort out your things!

Take the time and have and have a look around our new site, re-visit old blogs and see what we can do for you!

Happy Easter everyone!


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