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Furniture restoration is an art. It is more than just painting and spraying. It is about learning to care for timber, and turning furniture into works of art and centrepieces of any room. From your Grandfather's favourite armchair, to that old table you picked up from the side of the road, to even that brand new table you just bought straight from the shop. We can restore, repair, repaint, and re-do to make it the work of art it deserves to be.

French Polishing is the process of applying the materials shellac and oil to timber to provide it with a warm, natural gleam. Developed in France, it was the technique used for Kings and Emperor’s alike, with many château’s and royal houses throughout Europe laying claim beautiful pieces of usable art. At Grainmaster, we specialise in this procedure, priding ourselves in the rich traditionalism and history of this technique.

However, we also offer a variety of other modern paint and lacquer finishes for commercial, corporate and shop fit outs. Whether it is French provincial styling, ultra-modern flair, or wherever your imagination leads you, whatever your tastes, whatever your need, we will cater for you.

Just ring our number, and ask for a quote, we here at Grainmaster will be happy to help you out!



Boris Basioli is the Grainmaster. With over thirty years experience in his line of work, he has fine-tuned his craft into an art form. An un-paralleled artisan, he is the best Sydney has to offer. Continually producing high quality work, he devotes his time to achieving perfection. He was apprentice of the year in 1987, was qualified and trained by the legendary John McGregor, and completed his apprenticeship at P.E. Clarke and Sons

A true artist, he has worked alongside architects, interior designers and leading cabinet-makers doing some of Sydney’s top end work for high profile customers. But he is more than happy to help bring a family heirloom back to life, or turn trash into a treasure for the generations to come. From antiques to brand new, off-the-shop-floor pieces, he turns it all into works of art to be loved and used by all.

David & Andrea Hickson

Our new Tassie Oak kitchen benchtop was saved by our discovery of Grainmaster in Punchbowl. In these days of mass-production, it is good to know that there are still a few master-craftsmen around like Boris, working to create original high quality work. He was able to colour match our existing table-top and provide a polish finish exactly to our specification. Thanks Boris, your workmanship is the crowning glory of our new kitchen.

Joanne Richmond

Thank you so much for the great job you did with our chairs. They both look and feel beautiful as does the table you did for us previously.

John & Loretta McCluskey

Boris took away our badly battered 1800s partners desk and returned us a piece of historical art. His passion and appreciation for restoring antique furniture needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. The desk he returned to us far exceeded our highest hopes. It is increasingly hard to find master craftsman such as Boris with the skills, knowledge, appreciation and enthusiasm to exceed your highest expectations.

Cathy Stewart

Boris did a fabulous job on our 1920s Queensland maple family dining table. It was badly scratched and marked from many years of everyday family use. Boris restored the table to its former beauty and we are so pleased with the result. His service was wonderful, from quoting promptly to picking up the table and returning it within just over a week. He charged a very fair and reasonable price, including some repairs to the mechanism for extending the table, at no extra charge. I can highly recommend Grainmaster.

Joy Reddy

I haven't enough adjectives to describe how wonderful it has been dealing with Boris. His punctuality and reliability were faultless as was the work he did on two French polished wardrobes of my mum's which were damaged and at least 80 years old. They look stunning. His workmanship and skill is blatantly apparent in these superbly finished pieces. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Geoffrey Matthews

I can’t thank Boris enough for the fantastic job he did on restoring three timber display cabinets.

These pieces have been used in my Optometry practice for the last 90 years so had plenty of marks and scratches.

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Lúcia & Mike Johns

We are delighted with the restoration of my father's old clock.

Boris Basioli did a wonderful job in bringing the wooden cabinet of the clock back to life. It was great to see the original finish of the wood again.

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Wholesale Heritage Furniture

Wholesale Heritage Furniture has employed the services of Grainmaster French Polishing for the past 16 years.

We have found Boris to be very reliable, efficient and professional.

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